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The DJ vs The Nightclub Promoter

Being both a DJ and a Nightclub Promoter I see both sides of the coin.

The DJ

From a DJ’s perspective I can see the argument that they are being booked to DJ not to play Nightclub Promoter and that if they now have to promote the event as well they may be expected do this for all the other events they are DJing at. If expected to sell tickets or promote the event than maybe a fee for the extra work should be negotiated?

In hindsight I can see now that DJs may feel like they are getting a raw deal if they  are expected to promote but are not getting a commission on ticket sales, a fee or a percentage of the door money for doing so.

Nightclub Promoter

On the flip side, as a Nightclub Promoter with over 200 events under my belt I feel that all the DJs that I book for my events have an obligation to promote the event. When I say promote I don’t mean stand outside Nightclubs and hand out flyers till the early hours of the morning or that they should go out of their way to distribute flyers in hair saloons or clothes shops etc but in this day and age of Social Media I expect Tweets, Broadcasts, Pins, Snapchats, Posts and mentions on radio. I also expect the DJs I book to take a handful of flyers and hand them out on their journeys. I understand that a DJ may be booked for other events but these tasks can be done in seconds, Nightclub promoting is a numbers game every little helps.


In hindsight I may have been hard on some of my DJs in the past but promoters can be under huge pressure, we have costs to cover, Nightclub owners to please and a reputation to uphold, we are not only thinking about making huge profits (well some of us aren’t).

Weekly/Monthly Residency

If am booking a DJ every week or every month I feel that I am supporting that DJ (I am not only promoting the night but I am effectively promoting them as well) and in turn they should support me. Nightclub promoting is a business and is a team effort, if a DJ is not a team player then why the hell am I booking them? In this day and age of downloading everybody and their dog is a DJ and I may as well book a DJ that is willing to promote, there are many around.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers!

Finally over the years I have been approached by so may DJs that have begged to DJ at my Club Nights, because of the type of person I am I have booked them giving them a chance to shine or further their career, only for them to return the favour by sleeping on my event, beggars can’t be choosers.


So to sum up, I don’t expect DJs to do the work of a Nightclub Promoter, but in this day and age of Social Media DJs need to help, promoting is a team effort and if the night fails everybody looses out SIMPLES!

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10 Things That Make For A Bussy Club Night

Club Night

As an established DJ/Promoter with over 10 years of promoting club nights, over 25 years DJing and over 300 club nights under my belt, I have been asked many times by clubbers “is my club night going to be any good”? Even if I think it is not going to be, I am hardly going to answer by saying “no my night is going to be rubbish so don’t come”.

So to help you clubbers make an informed choice I list 10 things that can make for a busy club night, I stress that the following do not always guarantee a packed event but they do help.

Established Venue

The party is at well known venue and the venue/club night is synonymous with a particular style of music for example Egg Club and Ministry of Sound with dance, Moonlighting Club with Urban Music (R&B, Hip-Hop & Dancehall). Clubbers are drawn to the branding of the venue just as much as they are to the club night brand, increasing business. Also established venues are conscious who they hire their venue too and will vet promoters to ensure they can actually pull a crowed.

Ministry of Sound

Established Brand

A well know brand is behind the night, the night has been been going for many years on a weekly/monthly basis at the same or different venues in London, around the UK or internationally. Some names that spring to mind are Garage Nation, Sun City and Twise As Nice. These club nights are established brands and  have diversified into Merchandising, Franchising and a DJ Agency and generally these club night brands will work hard to protect their name.

Weekly/Monthly Event

Touched on this above slightly, if the event has been at the same venue for a while on a weekly or monthly basis then this can be an indicator that the night will be a good one. A weekly/monthly residency can enable the night to grow and establish a following. Generally speaking a venue would not want to keep a promoter on if their particular club night is not dong well if the event is in-house then this is a different story. You can always call a club and ask is the event in-house or put by an external promoter.

Word of Mouth

They say the best form of promotion is Word of Mouth. If a lot of people are talking about the event, there is a lot of hype on Social Media surrounding previous/forthcoming events, basically a buzz then generally this is a good indicator that the night is going to be busy.

Tickets Sold Out

Obviously if tickets are sold out then this is an indicator the night is going to be packed. Although I do know of promoters that have lied and made out on (ticketing websites) mthat First Release (Early Bird Tickets) have sold out just to induce sales.

Big Name DJs

If big named DJs like DJ EZ for example are playing at the event this can help the popularity of the event, the more big names the better. Big name DJs cost money so a night club promoter will obviously want to recuperate his or her money thus doing everything possible to ensure a busy event. Although this can be a good indicator that the night will be busy, I do know of promoters though that have lied on flyers listing big name DJs knowing fully well they will not be turning up or cancel the big name DJs just before the night as the promoter has an inclination the night is not going to be busy.



If the night has been heavily promoted for example on radio, social media, posters/poster boards etc this can lead to a busy night. Budgets vary will vary though, radio advertising and poster can be costly so a promoter will want to guarantee a busy night so as to recuperate his or her costs.

Special Occasion

Special occasions can help for example New Year’s Eve, Bank Holiday Weekends, Valentines etc. Some people that don’t go clubbing on a weekly basis choose to go out on these occasions.

After Party/Celebrity Appearance

A guest appearance from a famous rapper or reality TV star can boost the popularity of a night or an after party to a popular concert or an award ceremony like the Mobos, be sure to check that these parties are the official ones though.

To sum up I would say that no one thing (apart from tickets selling out) can guarantee a busy event but a combination of the above will definitely help.

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