The DJ vs The Nightclub Promoter

Being both a DJ and a Nightclub Promoter I see both sides of the coin.

The DJ

From a DJ’s perspective I can see the argument that they are being booked to DJ not to play Nightclub Promoter and that if they now have to promote the event as well they may be expected do this for all the other events they are DJing at. If expected to sell tickets or promote the event than maybe a fee for the extra work should be negotiated?

In hindsight I can see now that DJs may feel like they are getting a raw deal if they  are expected to promote but are not getting a commission on ticket sales, a fee or a percentage of the door money for doing so.

Nightclub Promoter

On the flip side, as a Nightclub Promoter with over 200 events under my belt I feel that all the DJs that I book for my events have an obligation to promote the event. When I say promote I don’t mean stand outside Nightclubs and hand out flyers till the early hours of the morning or that they should go out of their way to distribute flyers in hair saloons or clothes shops etc but in this day and age of Social Media I expect Tweets, Broadcasts, Pins, Snapchats, Posts and mentions on radio. I also expect the DJs I book to take a handful of flyers and hand them out on their journeys. I understand that a DJ may be booked for other events but these tasks can be done in seconds, Nightclub promoting is a numbers game every little helps.


In hindsight I may have been hard on some of my DJs in the past but promoters can be under huge pressure, we have costs to cover, Nightclub owners to please and a reputation to uphold, we are not only thinking about making huge profits (well some of us aren’t).

Weekly/Monthly Residency

If am booking a DJ every week or every month I feel that I am supporting that DJ (I am not only promoting the night but I am effectively promoting them as well) and in turn they should support me. Nightclub promoting is a business and is a team effort, if a DJ is not a team player then why the hell am I booking them? In this day and age of downloading everybody and their dog is a DJ and I may as well book a DJ that is willing to promote, there are many around.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers!

Finally over the years I have been approached by so may DJs that have begged to DJ at my Club Nights, because of the type of person I am I have booked them giving them a chance to shine or further their career, only for them to return the favour by sleeping on my event, beggars can’t be choosers.


So to sum up, I don’t expect DJs to do the work of a Nightclub Promoter, but in this day and age of Social Media DJs need to help, promoting is a team effort and if the night fails everybody looses out SIMPLES!

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