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DJ L Interviews US Artist Ro James @ Sony

Ro James

I received an email asking if I wanted to do an interview with Ro James tomorrow, as I was about to go on Pulse 88 Radio. Ro who? I had never heard of this artist before, I was apprehensive but decided to do it anyway.

For the first 30 minutes of my show I could not concentrate, my mind was racing. Who is Ro James, what questions should I ask, I need his bio, his album, the interview is tomorrow. Asking my radio show listeners for some good questions to ask did not help either as nobody replied.

ro james

After my show I decided to do some research, this never happened, I was shattered. The most I could do was write out a few standard questions and work out my route to the Sony UK offices. In the morning I would listen to the album, read the press release and formulate the rest of my questions.

Digital Revolution

After the digital revolution in the 90’s/2000 I lost contact with record companies and relied on Digiwaxx for my music.

A few weeks ago I decided to rekindle my relationship with my contacts in the Business hence the call to interview Ro James. I was not expecting to be called into action so soon though. The last time I done a major interview was about 10 years ago, it had been a while. I accepted this offer thought as it would be a good experience.


I woke early the next morning and begun my research. I went to the RCA website and read his Bio/Press Release, watched his videos & listened to his Album. Upon listening I got a feel for him and categorised him with the likes of D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Bilal etc. The questions started to flow, I aimed for 10 but ended up with about 15. I started to feel that I was built for this, that I could pull this interview off easily.

Sony Music Uk

I left out early and made my way to High Street Kensington. Walking down the High Street brought back memories as I worked for East West Records which was close by. In fact I walked past the Sony building and was on my way to the East West Records site until my Google Maps showed me I was going in the wrong direction.

I eventually found the building, approached the security guard and informed him I was here to see Ro James. Ro who? He had no idea who I was talking about and phoned through to reception, surprisingly they had no idea either and I thought here we go. Anyway after about 30 minutes I was eventually let upstairs. The building was lovely, it sounds weird but I felt that I was back at home after being on a long holiday lol. I approached the receptionist and said I am here to interview Ro James, she said take a seat. After making myself at home and snapping the building I messaged my contact to let him know I was here.

The Interview

5 minutes later my contact arrived and we caught up for about 5 minutes, it had been a while. After some formalities we made are way to the interview room, at that point my contact asked me do I have my recording equipment? My heart sank, I said equipment, he said yeah laptop, mic etc, I replied no. Basically all the Recording Artists I had interviewed before like Sean Paul and Mark Ronson were carried out in Wise Buddah Studios so I automatically thought this interview would be carried out in a studio setting also. Unfortunately in this case the interview was not in a studio but you know what they say “the show must go on” I had my IPhone 6 and my Samsung Galaxy S6 so I had to improvise.

Please watch the full interview below, leave your comments and share, thank you.