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StarBoy Nathan Gets 20 Months

StarBoy – Come Into My Room

StarBoy Nathan first came to my attention back In 2004 when he dropped the hit single Come Into My Room, this track was an anthem, on heavy rotation everywhere and reached number 37 in the UK Charts. His style was on par with any American artist of the time and I was excited and hoping for big things to come.

The Interview

I first got the chance to meet Nathan when I interviewed him on Radio Web TV. Having interviewed many US, UK and Jamaican artists, I found StarBoy Nathan to be very down to earth and easy to talk too. He came to the studio with his manager who we now all know as E-Plus from Capital Xtra.

The interview went well we spoke at length and covered many topics from Gun Crime in the Uk to how to break into the music industry, StarBoy Nathan striked me as being very mature for his age and intelligent. You can check out the full interview below.

Bubblicious DJ L’s Birthday

The next time I got to see Nathan was at My 30th Birthday Party on 24th December 2004 (Bubblicious @ Babble Club Mayfair) where he performed Come Into My Room for me live.

Starboy Nathan

In the following years to come I feel StarBoy Nathan never topped the success he had from his first single and his career was not nurtured. He was in and out of the limelight appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and X Factor where he reached the judge’s house and at one point I rembering seeing him on a crowed funding site looking for funds for an album.

StarBoy Nathan Fraud Case


Linda E from Pulse 88 Radio was the first to bring this case to my attention, I then followed closely in the media. I was shocked, Nathan did not strike me as the type of person to commit such a crime, I am not condoling what he has  done but I wonder if a turbulent music career had a part to play!

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